For years we have worked hard to evolve our program and this last weekend was spectacular! It was hugely successful because of the wonderful Optimists that worked in the front and back of the house.  Thanks for a great Season finish in Nevada!

Our MC- Rick Jones had the smooth voice and orderliness to keep us absolutely on track despite all my adjustments leading to and during the event itself.  To keep me in line, as you all know is in itself quite an undertaking.  My fellow organizers mentioned that you did a great job and extend their thanks.  So, thank you, Rick!

Our Main Referee-  Randy Elliott.  Now, this thanks is not limited to this weekend’s event.  Randy was at every meet (all 5) plus the state championship.  He has been a constant and reliable referee.  He wore the Indiana Jones well- Texan style, kept a smile, and especially, especially was there to show the Optimist banner, and to remind me and Rick to do shout-outs to Optimists.

Rick and Randy are super Ambassadors for the Optimist and FIRST.

More thanks go out to Lori, Beth and those super Troop 585 that presented the colors.  Also, thanks to Dana for gathering videos with Kate Timmers and posting all our event highlights.  Special shout out to 32 Bit (JOI McQueen) for organizing a social at Rock Sport and a BIG thanks to Mark’s terrific support.

Here are the results and links to the event and you will be proud to know that the two advancing teams are Optimist JOI Clubs!  And a little more on that … they’ll need to fundraise for the journey to Spokane, WA! Any ideas are certainly welcome.  I have highlighted the JOI teams and the individuals who were nominated or were awarded in this event.  There are a lot of highlights.  Very, very proud of them all!

Advancing to West Super Regionals, Spokane WA, Mar 8-11


  1. 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers, 1st Place Inspire
  2. Fantom-234, Winning Alliance Captain [My son Miles’ Rookie team!]



Core Awards:


Inspire:      1st – 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers

2nd – 5687 Cyber Mafia

3rd – 10080 Scorpions


Think:        1st – 5687 Cyber Mafia

2nd – 11165 Ravenclaw

3rd – 11471 Codebusters


Connect:  1st – 12194 Reedbotics G Force

2nd – 13112 Fantom-234

3rd – 13632 Grizzlies


Rockwell Collins Innovate:  1st – 9507 Reedbotics

2nd – 3050 G Bots

3rd – 13728 Truckee Talos


Design:     1st – 10080 Scorpions

2nd – 11183 32 Bit

3rd – 12763 The Rolling Bots


Motivate:  1st – 12777 Boulder City Super Bots

2nd – 12445 Black Knights

3rd – 13112 Fantom-234


Control:    1st – 12991 Awkward Silence

2nd – 5687 Cyber Mafia

3rd – 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers


Promote Award to recognize best public service announcement (PSA) for FIRST
1st – 13112 Fantom-234 View this! Promote Video – Fantom 234 – BELIEVE

2nd – 12777 SuperBots

3rd – 12194 Reedbotics G Force


Game Results:


  • Winning Alliance Captain:     13112 Fantom-234

Alliance Partner:           11574 Sonic Screwdrivers

Alliance Partner:           10080 Scorpions

(Fantom‘s alliance took the hard way to the win, starting as the #4 seed but upsetting the #1 alliance captained by Truckee Talos in 3 matches, and then defeating the Super Bots ‘ #3 seed in the finals.)


  • Finalist Alliance Captain:        12777 Boulder City Super Bots

Alliance Partner:           12194 Reedbotics G Force

Alliance Partner:           11665 Ravenclaw

(The #3-seeded Super Bots alliance was able to upset the #2 seed headed by Awkward Silence before falling in the finals. )


  • High score of the day = 284

13112 Fantom-234 & 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers (& 10080 Scorpions)


  • High autonomous score = 230

13112 Fantom-234 & 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers (& 10080 Scorpions)

(By the way, that appears to be a world-record high score.  A “perfect” score is 170 points, but the opponents accidentally scored two jewels for Fantom/Sonics for another 60 pts.)


  • High teleop score = 12 glyphs + 2 rows + 2 columns = 84

11183 32-Bit & 13799 Crazy Canary Controllers


Dean’s List Semi-Finalists:


  • Alex Marsh – 12194 Reedbotics G Force
  • Evelyn Magana – Team #13632 Grizzlies
  • Jacob Dickerman – Team #12763 The Rolling Bots
  • JT Nunley – Team #11183 32 Bit
  • Larson Rivera – Team #11183 32 Bit
  • Luke Bowler – Team #5687 Cyber Mafia
  • Mackenzie Zappe – Team #12194 Reedbotics G Force
  • Nanami Duncan – Team #5687 Cyber Mafia
  • Sawyer Thompson – Team #13728 Truckee Talos


Dean’s List Finalists:


  • Luke Bowler, 5687 Cyber Mafia, Carson City, NV
  • Mackenzie Zappe, 12194 Reedbotics G Force, Sparks, NV


Compass Award:

Individual Award to recognize Coach nominated by teams
1st – Sherri Kelley, 5687 Cyber Mafia

2nd – Francois Erasmus, 12777 Superbots

3rd – Patti Poston, 11574 Sonic Screwdrivers


Dana took some great snaps but here are few more taken by Eduard, our visiting Volunteer from Romania.


FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Nevada State Championship 9-10 Feb. 2018


Jim Poston our Head Referee and amazing announcer on KKOH did a few clips for our event too:


Results and photos:


Dr. Dee Frewert

Thank you to Optimists that helped with the FIRST Tech Challenge Nevada State Championship!