Fantom 234 is a robotics team from Reno and Carson City who made believers out of anyone in doubt that a rookie team of three 7th graders and a 9th grader could be state champions.  Fantom is a play on the phantom supersonic jet.  The team members cleverly changed the first letter to honor the core values of FIRST Robotics, and they symbolically referred to their humble beginnings working with spare parts from 2 salvaged robots, the commitment of 3 coaches and the team formation of only 4 members.  Like a ghost in the background, Fantom 234 was nearly undetected during the FIRST Tech Challenge season, but when it came to the state championships, they made the right moves, prayed for miracles, and tapped into a lucky selection of their alliance partners, the  Sonic Screwdrivers, and the Sage Ridge Scorpions.  Fantom 234 were victorious as the Winning Alliance Captains for the Relic Recovery Game crowned at the State Championships in Reno.  In just 3 weeks, Fantom 234 will represent Nevada at the FIRST Western Super Regional Championships March 9-11th in Spokane, WA!

Also, a Junior Optimist Club, this young team, made up of Miles Frewert, Christopher Hall, Dravid Chitturi and Niko Chitturi, is just as enthusiastic as they are optimistic about representing Nevada.

Now let’s get them there! Please consider donating to Fantom 234 Go Fund Me campaign for their registration and travel to Spokane.  With skills, luck, and their phantom secret team-building recipe, they just might advance further to the World Championships in Houston, Texas. Please spread the word of their need, Like their page and share their FB Post.


Their goal is $6000 and if they advance to the World Championships, will need an additional $10,000. Help them get there:  For questions, in-kind donations of any materials, service or provisions, contact

Send rookie robotics team Fantom 234 to the Western FIRST Tech Challenge Super Regional Championships March 2018!

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