What: The 4th Quarter Meeting and 71st Annual Convention When: 17-19 August, 2018 Where: Sure-Stay Best Western Reno Hotel Rate: $99 per night plus taxes Ask for the Optimist Rate 775-348-6370 ************************************ SPECIAL “PARTY TRAIN TO RENO”

A special AMTRAK train car will be available for those who want to have fun and not worry about driving! To make this work we need a minimum of 15 passengers to provide a special car and senior rate of $123.30 R/T tax included. At this time, the train will depart Sacramento at 11:08AM and arrive Reno at 3:56 PM on 17 August. Returning the train will depart Reno at 8:36AM and arrives Sacramento at 2:13 PM on 19 August. The SureStay Best Western will provide transportation from and to the Reno AMTRAK station. For further details, please contact Sophia Scherman at 916-685-3860/ www.sophia-elkgrove.com or Rick Jones at 775-3541039/www.kancal4849@charter.net.

Details for the Party Train to Reno! Bring your spouse, your girlfriend or boyfriend, significant other to have fun in Reno, and ride the special AMTRAK car! When?: Departs Sacramento at 11:08 AM on 17 August and arrives Reno at 3:56 PM. Departs Reno at 8:36 AM on 19 August and arrives Sacramento at 2:13 PM. Why?: Why not! BYOB and snacks or use the AMTRAK facilities. Enjoy yourself and relax! Cost?: $123.30 roundtrip. Senior rate for the dedicated car. Need?: We need to have at least 15 passengers and hopefully a maximum of 60! We are Optimists! Deadlines The Optimist Club of Reno must have your payment in full no later than 30 March! Why, because that’s want AMTRAK requires. Payment: Send check to Optimist Club of Reno, P.O. Box 148, Reno Nevada, 89504. Include your email. Cancellation: Prior to 10 May, 100% refund. After 10 May, 25% penalty. After 20 May, no refund! Note: With your payment, PLEASE print your full name and address for the AMTRAK manifest. Email too for us.

Annual Convention Advance Flyer (Final)

Amtrak “Party Train” to Reno – Reserve Your Spot by March 30

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