July 31st Newsletter

Attending Members: (14 total attendance) Jim, Priya, Paul, John, Rick, Nick, Randy, Lorraine, Robert, Elaine, Beth, Ray, and Jacob.
Guests: No guest this week.
Speaker: Mickey Lufkin and his infamous violin. What a truly enjoyable meeting. He played his violin while wrapping his life story through the strings of his music. His travels took him all over Europe where he toured the streets while panhandling his music for the coins to live on. He’s taught music and played music his entire life. At the end of the program, he filled out an application and became a member of the club. He indicated that he would love to be the entertainment for our convention in August on Saturday evening.
This Week’s Notes: •Beth was back and indicated her mom was doing about as well as good be expected. In the past three weeks, she has been in the hospital more than out of the hospital.
•With the Reno Air Races coming up in September, it is very important that everyone give us at least 8 hours of your very valuable time. We will be participating in two fundraisers that are going on simultaneously during the races. Our RV Lot, as noted in last week’s newsletter, needs folks three times during the day. You could work two shifts in one day or work one shift on two different days. The other event will need folks on September 13, 14, 15 and 16. We will have only two shifts to work. They are 8 to 12 and 12-4. All we are asking is for you to give us a minimum of 8 hours during the entire time. We need to know by next week’s Tuesday meeting on August 7th if you can volunteer. Either come to next week’s meeting and pick a time or reply to this email. If you can work, but can’t come to the meeting, just let me know and someone will contact you.
•Amber, the new marketing manager of the Best Western Hotel, has indicated that she does not want to lose us as a customer. She is not going to charge us a room fee. She indicated that she would work with us on the weekly meals. Today we actually had two entrees to pick from. First time in a very long time. We will be meeting with her in mid-November to hear her suggestions.
•Our weekly programs are very important to have a good turn out and the members
Next Meeting August 7th Promise Yourself! To Be There!
With a Guest!
leaving feeling they are just a little better off for having attended their Optimist meeting. With that said, program ideas come from the membership. Each of us comes in touch with a person or organization that would make a great noon program. I’ve taken on the duty of letting you know the available dates, but the program speakers come from the membership. It would be great if everyone took it on themselves to come up with a program for our noon meeting. Ideas range from non-profit organizations, the zoo, the planetarium to the Aces, the University of Nevada to civic officials and on and on.
•It is very important that all our new members attend the convention on the evening of August 18th. We will be having a special reception for the new members from 6 to 7 p.m. in my hotel suite followed by the induction ceremony. The banquet evening is not just for the new folks, but our entire club. The new members being installed will not have to pay for their meal. If they bring a spouse or friend, they’ll need to pay for their meal. There is no registration fee charged for any members to register for the event. It is important that you fill out the registration form that I’ve attached and given it to Jim Reynolds ASAP. If you sponsored a new member, please contact your member and let them know the importance of coming to this very important event.
•Special note of thanks to Ray and his company for welding our banner stands. The banners now stand upright, tall and look awesome. Thanks, Ray!
•Jim Reynolds and I attended Troop 585’s “Court of Honor” awards program on Tuesday evening. They are very appreciative of what we do for their troop.
Mickey Lufkin rakes the cords.
All the winners at Troop 585 Court of Honor event.

Optimist Weekly Notes – July 31st Weekly Meeting

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