Attending Members: (20 total attendance) Jim, Priya, Elaine, Robert, Lorraine, Lisa, Mary, Beth, Nick, Taylor, Dee, Rick, John, Paul, Ray, Jacob, and Randy.
Guests: Guest of Priya was Carol Ann Driscol.
Speaker: The program hosted by Lisa this week was presented by Rori Lee and Amanda LaTorre from St. Mary’s Wellness Center. They started by having us close our eyes, breath deeply and then think of the five important things in your life. As expected, many wrote down one’s health. From there they discussed the many ways St. Mary’s program could give you a much healthier life. Only 30% of the populace exercises on a regular basis. They not only talked about the importance of exercise but your nutritional habits as well. Good program, thanks, Lisa. Now let’s all go eat a steak and potatoes. Ha!
This Week’s Notes: •Rick gave a complete and thorough wrap up on a very successful Optimist District Conference this past weekend. To say the least, the Reno Optimist outshined them all. Rick oversaw the entire event and has been working with the district and the hotel for the past several months to make it happen. During preparation, he received over 250 emails related to the event. Good job Rick. In his review of the event, he recognized the following: Dee, Lisa, Nick, Angela, Julianne, Donna, Beth and Ray for bringing goodies for the hospitality room. John for working with the trailer and the hospitality room. Ray for gifts for the raffle on Sunday. Mickey Lufkin was not only sworn in as a new Optimist member on Saturday night but played his fiddle in the hospitality room and during the banquet. Our reception for our new members prior to the banquet was awesome! New members attending the reception and later officially joining our club were Julianne, Angela, Jen, Mickey, Carlos, Mary, Ana, Taylor, Kiana, Scott, and Jacob. They were presented with a lei to wear, an Optimist Creed plaque and a club name tag. Besides the folks I mentioned, also attending during the three-day conference were Lorraine, Paul, Elaine, Jim, Priya, Dana, and Richard. In all, we had 25 members touch this event. Thanks to Dana for putting together a great slideshow on our club!
•District Governor-Designate Dave Givens will be attending our meeting on October 2nd to swear in all our new officers and any new members.
•We kicked off the football pool fundraiser. We passed around the sign-up sheet and every blank was filled. At the meeting on August 28th, I will go over the ends and outs of the program. If we sell all the 100 spots for $20 each, we will net $1200.
•As for the RV lot, Lorraine said we had just about filled all the spots. She will give us a closer look at how we stand at next week’s meeting.
•It was decided by the board not to pursue the other venues offered to us at the air races. They required a ton of man-hours and did not have a very good return on dollars.
•I sent out the membership roster last week. Jim has already made several changes to the roster information. Before I resend, please check and make sure all your info is correct.
•When Julianne gets added to our roster in September, our membership per Optimist International will be at 50. That’s awesome! We only need five more members for us to make Distinguished Club this year. Let’s push Beth’s year to that very special recognition. We still have plenty of time.
•Our Rock Climbing fundraiser is set for November 17th. Beth will have flyers available to hand out next week. We need teams to compete. These are four-member teams and the cost is $150 per team. If you know of possible sponsors for the event, please let Beth or Mark know.
•Priya has stepped up and said she would oversee our weekly programs. If you have a suggestion for a program or know an organization, person or company, that would make a good program, please let her know. Thanks, Priya!
Next Week’s Meeting: We will be discussing the football pool and other areas the club is involved. There will be some surprises too.

Pictures from the induction ceremony at the District Convention on Saturday evening! Special night for the new members and our great club!

August 21st Weekly Newsletter

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