September 11th Weekly Newsletter


Attending Members: (18 total attendance) Crystal, Lori, Jim, Priya, Donna, Elaine, Julianne, Lisa, Randy, Nick, Mickey, John, Kiana, Paul, and Ray.
Guests: Nick’s son, Ed Colonna; Tracy Woodfolk and Jolene Dalluhn with Quest.
Speaker: Our speaker, Jolene Dalluhn, gave us an overview of all the impacts that Quest has on our community. Their services are for behavioral health issues including substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. Quest employs 34 people and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Quest also offers a variety of parent support groups to help parents understand addiction and ways to deal with it. To find out more about Quest visit or call 775-786-6880. If you have any items in your home you would like to donate, they would be very appreciative.

This Week’s Notes: •Jim Reynolds read a letter from our President, Beth Herald. Beth has been in the job market for a few months and recently got a position with Henry Schein. Her hours are 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday. She no longer will be able to attend noon meetings, but will still stay active in the club. With two weeks remaining in her tenure, she has asked Randy to finish our her year. We only need five new members for Beth to be a distinguished president. There is no one more deserving. If you know any guest that might turn in to a new member, please bring them next week. I’m really proud for Beth and proud what she has meant and done for our club. A copy of the letter is attached.
•We got an update on our football pool. We have sold 56 spots. That means we have collected $1120. We still have 44 slots to fill. There is no reason to quit trying to sell. If this week’s game is played and you haven’t sold one, you still have 17 games left to play. So do not worry if a game has been played, just charge them a little less for the remaining opportunities to win. If one of the 44 slots is hit this week, then no one wins, but the club just kept $50 bucks.

•Lorraine said all is going well with the RV lot. All the times are filled right now. At this point, we have sold about 70 RV parking spots. If you simply do not have anything to do on Sunday, since the NFL is definitely on the back burner, you are welcome to assist Dee, Ana, Taylor, Robert, and Jacob with the RV lot tear down at 10 a.m.
•Our up and coming Claim Jumper Restaurant fundraiser was officially kicked off today. You only need one flyer per family. I’d ask you to make an effort to invite five people to this event. Everyone has to eat and most of the time the monies they spend go directly to the owner’s pocket. This event gives 15% to our club. It includes drinks, happy hour snacks, meal, dessert and take out orders. As a group, let’s make this a family get-together. Let’s plan on arriving at 6 p.m. and share time together. You must have a copy of the flyer for the club to receive the 15%. I’ve attached a copy of the flyer.

•Our September board meeting has been moved to September 18th and will be at Ray’s office from 4:30 to 6 p.m. If you have anything you would like brought up at the meeting, please let me know.
•Our Rock Climbing fundraiser is set for November 17th. We need teams to compete. These are four-member teams and the cost is $150 per team. If you know of possible sponsors for the event, please let myself or Mark know.
•Please make a note on our October 2nd meeting. It will be our first meeting of the new regime and our new Governor for the district will handle the installation of officers. I’d like to see a full house that day, so we can take an updated picture of our club for the website and Gazette newspaper.
•Our next homeless dinner feed will be on October 5th. Please mark your calendars.
Next Week’s Meeting: Dee is hosting our meeting on September 18th and Joe Rajacic will host the meeting on the 25th.


Beth’s Letter

Dear Optimist Club of Reno Members,
I am proud to be associated with such wonderful people who give of their time, knowledge, and compassion to support the youth of our community. I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year serving as your club president.

As some of you knew I was seeking a new job. I just started working this past week for Henry Schein. I now work Monday thru Friday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. It is with heavy heart that I must step aside for the remainder of my term as president.

I know that I leave that position in the great hands of your new president, Randy Elliot. I will be available to help with different projects and will continue to participate with the club. I am just unable to attend the weekly meetings.

Thank you all for everything you do to make a difference. You have all touched my heart and given me strength, guidance and support.

Give every living creature you meet a smile.


Elizabeth (Beth) Herald Optimist Club President

September 11th Weekly Newsletter

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