Attending Members: (18 total attendance) Crystal, Paul, John, Nick, Priya, Randy, Dee, Mary, Elaine, Lisa, Kiana, Robert, and Jim.
Guests: Dee’s guest speaker, Tom Porta.

Speaker: Our speaker, Tom Porta, is a Nevada Wing Leader for Angel Flight West. Angel West is a group of volunteer pilots who fly patients traveling for non-emergency care to major hospitals and treatment centers for no cost. The Angel Flight program was started 35 years ago and has a staff of six at their headquarters in Santa Monica. They average 5,000 missions a year. The Angel Flight West covers all states east of Colorado to the Pacific. Their mission is to deliver health and hope using donated flights to serve people with healthcare or other compelling human needs.
This Week’s Notes: •Winning our first week’s football pool was Lucus Petty, Ray’s grandkid. He will be $50 bucks richer for it. It looks like we will have about 70 tickets sold for this year’s football pool.

•Robert said the air races went off with no issues whatsoever. Dee, Jim, John, Priya, and Mary all had good things to say about the event. However, the person most responsible for a very successful event was Lorraine. She was not in attendance. Jim indicated we sold a little over 100 spaces. That’s awesome! We will have a complete report after all funds are accounted for. Special thanks to Ray for supplying the mobile home. Prior to leaving on Sunday, many of the folks indicated they’d be back next year. We got many praises on how nice our people were and the coffee and donuts every day.
•Our Claim Jumper fundraiser is just a week away on September 27th. I’m asking that members try and arrive around 6 p.m. Crystal is setting us up in the area by the fireplace. This is an opportunity to pick up a few hundred dollars, but more importantly, an opportunity to have a social time with members, spouses, and kids in attendance. Remember, for the club to get the 15%, you must have the attached flyer
•Due to a conflict, our homeless dinner feed will NOT be on October 5th. Ray indicated it would be moved to late November. I will announce the new day at next week’s meeting.
•All the new officers for the 2018-19 Optimist year will be installed by our district Governor at our October 2nd noon meeting. Let’s be a little dressier on that day. We will be taking a group picture for our website and other promotional material. Those being installed are Ray, Dee, Nick, Elaine, Donna, Taylor, Priya, Lisa, Lorraine, Jim, and Randy.
•Dee indicated she has 10 teams for the Rocksports fundraiser. We need at least 10 to 15 more to make this event even better. I will be sending a flyer for the event this week. We need sponsors for the teams. I will have one that can be used to ask for a sponsorship. We need sponsors for food and trophies too.
•I read a thank you note from one of our golfers–Amber Burst.
•On our Optimist Assignment Sheet, we did not have anyone sign up to assist Jim with the Scouting programs our club supports. I’d really appreciate some folks to step up and assist Jim with the program.
•Be sure and mark your calendars for the Nevada Parade on October 27th. Our scout troops and youth groups will be marching in the parade that lasts from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dee is having signs made for the scouts to carry. It’d be great to have several Optimist in the parade too. Feel free to bring your kids to march in the parade.
•Tuesday evening, Beth’s board met for the last time. In attendance were Jim, Robert, Nick, Lisa, Priya, Donna, and Randy. Jim’s treasurer report indicated we were spot on to hit our proposed budget numbers for the year. The members voted to have a 2 foot by 8-foot banner made to display at events. We went over all the old and new programs and the list of folks that have signed up for each event. We discussed the website and Randy indicated he would meet with Jim and put together the proposed budget for the coming year. We had a discussion surrounding the Claim Jumper event and Rockport Event. Claim Jumper has given us a proposal for having our noon meeting there starting in January.
Next Week’s Meeting: Joe Rajacic will host the meeting on the 25th. He will discuss aviation centered STEM education. ALEX, the Aerospace Learning EXperience is a nonprofit in Reno that uses flight simulators, drones and rocket building to entertain, educate and inspire careers in the aerospace industries.

September 18th Weekly Newsletter

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