Attending Members: (21 total attendance) Jacob, Paul, Ray, Taylor, John, Rick, Robert, Scott, Nick, Joe, Crystal, Lorraine, Lori, Jim, Angela, Julianne, Lisa, Dee, Elaine, Kiana and Randy.
Guests: Guest speaker Joe Rajacic.

~Pictures by Angela Squire~

Our featured speaker Joe Rajacic while Nick looks on.

Speaker: Joe spoke about the ALEX, the Aerospace Learning EXperience, a nonprofit in Reno that uses flight simulators, drones and rocket building to entertain, educate and inspire careers in the aerospace industries. He showed a video on taking off and landing with the use of flight simulation. He gave everyone the opportunity to visit and see just how it works.
This Week’s Notes: •Ray took home the second week’s football pool winnings. His grand kid won the opening week. We also sang happy b-day to Ray as he celebrated his 70th last weekend.

Lorraine and Lori chow down

•Lorraine was recognized for all the work and time she put in to the air races this year. She received a much deserved round of applause and was presented with an Optimist Creed plaque. Jim said we should be netting between $11,000 and $12,000 this year. That’s great!
•We are all go for our club and family social, as well as, fundraiser at the Claim Jumper restaurant at 6 p.m. Thursday, September 27th. Please bring a coupon with you so the club will receive 15% of your tab. Bring a friend or two! Everyone has to eat Thursday, so it might as well be at the Claim Jumper.
•The homeless feed is being held on November 16th. Mark your calendars. We are serving hot dogs.
•I sent out the two new rock climbing event forms last week. At this time we have 10 teams signed up. However, Wooster HS and Vaughn MS indicated they’d have teams too. We need at least 20 teams. On the sponsorship side, Ray has 10 sold. We just need at least 10 from all the other club members.
•Ray is having our 4 foot by 8 foot banner printed. It will be at next week’s meeting.

•Julianne presented a program that her school is involved in. She is fundraising for a 17 year old quadriplegic girl can have a special bike to ride. The bike will cost $3,000, You can write a check payable to Galena High School-STEM Academy or you can attend our fundraiser (car wash, movie nights, etc.) Julianne will keep us updated on any upcoming fundraiser they are having.
•The Chamber of Commerce, of which we are a member, is holding a Business After Hours get together at the Great Basin Taps and Tanks on October 4th from 5 to 6:30 pm. Dee and I attended one. They are great to meet other business folks and possible pick up a new member. The cost is $10 for all food and drink. Let them know you are a member of CC.
•Be sure and mark your calendars for the Nevada Parade on October 27th. Our scout troops and youth groups will be marching in the parade that last from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dee is having signs made for the scouts to carry. It’d be great to have several Optimist in the parade too. Feel free to bring your kids to march in the parade.

Robert, Rick, John, Taylor and Ray check out Julianne’s talk
Paul and Jacob listen to Julianne.

•Next Week’s Meeting: Finally, next Tuesday, October 2nd, marks the beginning of a new Optimist year. Our Governor Dave Givens will be on hand to swear in all the new officers and board members. We are suggesting for everyone to dress up for the occasion. We will take pictures following the ceremony that will appear on our website home page. Bring a guest. Since we are expecting a larger group, we are asking you RSVP by next Monday noon. The following have indicated they will be in attendance: Jacob, Paul, Ray (2), Taylor (2), John, Rick, Robert, Scott, Nick, Crystal, Lorraine, Jim, Angela (2), Dee (2), Lisa (2), Kiana, Priya and Randy. If you are not listed and plan on attending, please let me know.

September 25th Weekly Newsletter

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