Attending Members: (21 total attendance) Dana, Taylor, Dee, Ray, Paul, John, Rick, Nick, Randy, Lisa, Angela, Robert, Lorraine, Priya, Kiana, Jim, and Mary.
Guests: Guest speaker Governor Dave Givens, Dave’s guest Bob Wright, Lisa’s guest Robert Squire, and Randy’s guest Jana Elliott.

GOVERNOR Dave Givens Photo By Angela Squire

Speaker: Our club was Dave Givens first official stop to start his tenure as Governor of Pacific Central. Prior to his talk, former Governor Bob Wright presented Dave with his official Governor pin. Dave had several kind words about our club and the work we have done in the community and with membership. He talked about the district’s goals for the coming year and how he’d like our district to be a distinguished district. He suggested that we look at building a new club or two Junior Optimist clubs. But more than anything, he recognized the importance of growing your membership and putting your membership to work to keep them from dropping out.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nick, Ray, Dee, Taylor (Elaine & Donna) Photo By Angela Squire

The ceremony: •The new board members that were sworn in were Ray, Nick, Taylor, and Dee. Elaine and Donna make up the remaining six. Lisa and Priya were sworn in as Vice Presidents and Jim and Lorraine took the oath as Treasurer and Secretary respectively and Randy raised his right hand for the President position. Beth will serve on the board as Past President. Dave talked to each group individually and reminded them of their duties to the club, Optimist International and the community. They were presented with individual pins.

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This Week’s Notes: •Beth was the big winner in the football pool last week. She is 50 bucks richer. At this time, we have sold 78 spots of 100.
•We haven’t gotten the official word from Optimist International, but Jim indicated that all our reports and numbers are in and we should be crowned as a Distinguished Club and Beth a Distinguished President. That’s awesome!

OPTIMIST OF THE YEAR Dee Photo By Angela Squire

•The Optimist of the Year was announced and the winner had her fingerprints on every aspect of our club this past year. Dee was recognized for: Robotics, Junior Optimist Club, Serving on the board, Wine Tasting Event, Convention Food and 10 plus members she has brought in to the club this year. Wow! More than deserving. A true Optimist!
•The Chamber of Commerce, of which we are a member, is holding a Business After Hours get together at the Great Basin Taps and Tanks on October 4th from 5 to 6:30 pm. It’s a great time and way to meet prospective new members.
•Dates to note: October 9th board meeting, October 27th Nevada Day Parade, November 16th Homeless Feed and November 17th the Climbing Fundraiser.

VICE PRESIDENTS Priya and Lisa Photo By Angela Squire

•Next Week’s Meeting: Our next week’s speaker is Cliff McCorkle. Are you discouraged by what you see happening politically today? Are you tempted to give up? Are you even involved as a voter and taxpayer? Are we wasting our time trying to make a difference? Our speaker on October 9 is Cliff Mccorkle, who has worked in and around the political process for most of his life. He talks about political issues with people every day. He has some strong opinions about what’s happening politically, and how events taking place will affect the preservation or loss of the freedoms we have enjoyed for so long in our country. Please come and be encouraged about getting involved In fighting for what you believe is right!

October 2, 2018 Newsletter

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