Attending Members: (16 total attendance) John, Priya, Kiana, Ray, Paul, Rick, Nick, Randy, Dee, Lisa, Lorraine, Elaine, Mary, Crystal, and Jim.
Guests: Dee introduced Shaaron Netherton as our speaker and guest.

Sharron Netherton

Speaker: Since 2000, Shaaron has been heading up the Friends of Nevada Wilderness program. The non-profit organization has helped to protect over 3 million acres of wilderness in Nevada. They have a stewardship program and 1000s of volunteers working throughout the state. The main office is in Reno, but they have a four-person office in Vegas. The clean and maintains trails on public lands. These lands can be fished, hunted or camped out on. The get little federal funds and a little state funds. This is a great program and they are looking for volunteers to work. Some of the positions are paid positions. If you would like to donate dollars online, you can do so by visiting

Mary and Elaine taking in our speaker for the day.

This Week’s Notes: •Lorraine gave an update on Robert’s sinus surgery from last week. The surgery was a success. The first couple of days following the surgery were rough, but she indicated he is much better now.
•The football pool winner for last week was John Toth. He donated his winnings toward paying for a climbing team.
•Dates to note: October 27th Nevada Day Parade, November 16th homeless feed and November 17th Rock Climbing fundraiser.
•We are still in need of selling Rock Climbing sponsorships. They are 150 dollars. I’ve attached the forms to use if you have a team or if you would like to sponsor
•In his absence, we recognized Taylor Russo’s birthday.
•Lorraine has volunteered the Caughlin Club for our Christmas Party this year. The same place we held our Wine Tasting. The date will be announced next week.
•Dee announced she is forming another Robotics Junior Optimist Club at Reed High School. This will give us nine JOI clubs.

Sharron, Dee and Crystal share a moment after the talk.

•Our new Optimist website is up and running, I encourage you to visit and let me know of any issues you might see. It is located at
•Ray brought our new 4×8 banner. It’s first opportunity to be seen is the Nevada Day Parade on the 27th. We had a show of hands of four members planning on attending. Dee has set up for a lunch to be fed when the parade is over. It will be served to scouts and boys and girls clubs and Optimist members.
•Next year’s budget was presented and all the items that were under last year’s budget were approved. The proposed new items were tabled until we know more about each item.

John and Nick are taking care of dues with Jim.

•The date was set for our annual banquet in March for the Essay, Oratorical and Scholarship winners. It will be on March 5, 2019.
•I will be meeting with Carlos and Richard this week to talk about building a college Optimist Club at UNR.
•Next Week’s Meeting: Our speaker is Fred Lokken. He is a professor at the University and will be providing observations about the 2018 Fall Election and then open it to questions. During the election night, you sometimes see him on TV discussing how the voting is going.


Photos By Lisa Squire

October 16, 2018 Newsletter

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